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 The report that companies interested by the AHU Business will be very pleased to discover …


I have been surprised to have found 15 European companies (having AHU & Ventilation as a key piece) doing more than 100 M€ yearly turnover worldwide.

European AHU Market is an opportunity for growth

A time of business changes (HVAC) 


The project contains 4 distinct analysis and you can acquire the whole package or only one component (Please take the link above to see the sales leaflet with content pictures)

 1- European AHU market and offerings analysis

            - With this report, you will understand the size of the AHU opportunity in Europe and by country including some historical business facts. What are the key vertical market segments, What are the companies Eurovent Certified, what are the mechanical performances standard by main European regions and countries, the ratio of New AHU Ranges Introduced in 2015, a visual analysis of the mechanical performances (casing strength, casing air leakage, Thermal transmittance, …) of 21 key AHU manufacturers, … 

2- AHU Mechanical Performances Comparator tool

             - A sales and marketing tool to easily and quickly compare the Mechanical performances of your AHU with competition (the file contains the 105 AHU brands Eurovent certified).  

3- European AHU manufacturers analysis

             - With this report, you will get a great overview of the AHU Business in Europe. Some historical business facts, which are the key AHU players, get a visual (including product picture) and synthetic AHU product portfolio overview (24 manufacturers) , get an idea of the profitability of the AHU business, get potential names for acquisitions or to find partner for your AHU product gaps, understand the manufacturers footprint of the key players, …

4- List of main European AHU manufactures (223 AHU manufactures including 41 outside Europe)

            - Ideal for a company having a limited budget. You get a great quality list of AHU manufactures for your prospection or to make your own research (Content address – Internet site by manufacture)


This work has been the fruits of many weeks of work and using my 20 years + of experience of the European HVAC industries.

You may not find exactly something you are looking for … but with all my working documents and researches, I may be in position to make a customize work for you …So feel free to ask me.


A very valuable investment to support your Business Growth and Strategy ... and very affordable


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